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Volume 3

Article | Affirmative Action in Indian Higher Education: Myths and Realities by Dhananjaya Chak

Article | Socialism and the New Economic Order: Constitutional Perspectives by Pratap Kumar and Aditya Swarup

Review | Environmental Impact Assessment by Shivaji Bhattacharya

Article | Judicial Appointments – An Excuse for Arbitrary Action? by Lakshmi Kruttika Vijay

Article | A Continuum of Transfer Pricing Methods by Adarsh G

Book Review | We are Poor but so Many by Gruhalakshmi Kumar and Yashasvini Kumar

Volume 4

Article | Looking Beyond Law: A Review of the Indian Sex Workers’ Movement by Rahul Saha, Surya Bala and Rohan Saha

Article | Fourteen Years and Counting: Redefining Childhood (Perspectives on Child Labour and The Right to Education) by Subhadra Banda, Varshini Murali and Vidya Narayanaswamy

Article | Water Resource Management: The Rights – Regulation Interface by Dr. A.P. Singh

Article | Homosexuality and Homphobia in Indian Popular Culture : Reflections of the Law? by Danish Sheikh

Article | Sovereignty, Law and the ‘State of Exception’ by Aditya Swarup

Article | Refugee Rights v. State Security: Social Conditions of Refugees and the Law by Pavini Emiko Singh

Article | The Elephant in the Room: Dealing with Final Year Disengagement by Divya Venugopal

Article | Data Exclusivity – A Reconciliation of the Debate from the Indian Perspective by K. Ashrita Prasad

Article | Non Applicability of Doctrine of Res Judicata in Taxation: Scope for Absurdities by Stella Joseph

Article | The Plight of a Second Wife: A Case Study by Divya Sharma

Article | Hawale Financing: An Aid to Terrorism by Nirajan Man Singh and P. Sandhya

Article | Narco Analysis and Protecting the Rights of the Accused by Ananthi S Bharadwaj and Sumithra Suresh

Case | CCE v. ACER: Taxation of Software Goes Boink! by Alok

Case | The Enforceability of Fundamental Rights vis-à-vis Private Persons: An Analysis of the Interpretation of the Supreme Court by Sandeep Challa

Case | The Terrains of Judicial Arbitrariness: A Comment on Ram Saran v. IG Police by Ruchira Goel

Volume 13(2) - Symposium Proceedings

Panel Discussion | Law, Technology and Public Health: The Privacy Implications of the Storage and Use of Electronic Health Records by Dhvani Mehta, Divya Raj, Murali Neelakantan, Ruhi Kandhari, and Varalakshmi Elango

Panel Discussion | Law, Gender and Public Health: Evolving a Legal Framework to Confront Gender-Based Violence from a Health Systems Perspective by Amita Pitre, Mrinal Satish, Sreeparna Chattopadhyay, and Vyjayanti Mogli

Panel Discussion | Mental Health Policy in India: Challenges and Suggestions by Amba Salelkar, K. Chandra Sekhar, Rahul Shidhaye, Reshma Valliappan, and Vaishnavi Jayakumar

Panel Discussion | The Future of Right to Health in India: The Path to Realising Universal Access by Imrana Qadeer, K. Sujatha Rap, N. Purendra Prasad, Soumitra Ghosh, and Shreelata Rao Seshadri

Special Lectures | Human Rights & Health: Learning from HIV by Vivek Divan

Special Lectures | The Legal Journey of Surrogacy Regulation in India: Denying Rights, Delaying Legality and Increasing Exploitation by P. M. Arathi

Articles | Public Health Implications of IntensiveFarm AnimalProduction in South Asia: The Need for Regulation by Humane Society International

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